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A company established in 1985 in Beirut and passed on from one generation to the other to provide quality electromechanical work in an ever growing world of construction.

BMS expanded its presence in the GCC countries by both opening a branch in Doha in 2007 and taking on various projects in Lebanon. The key to our success is simply the values by which we work and provide our services.

Our values entail honesty while dealing with each other and our clients, professionalism in handling and delivering our projects, innovation in our implementation techniques and strong synergy within our team Continuous growth is what we seek to attain by developing on an organizational and interpersonal level bearing in mind that we abide by one main principle: providing quality over quantity.


Our mission is to provide advanced, professional and quality services in our electromechanical works followed by exceptional support to our customers.


Our vision is to be leaders in the electromechanical works by depending on highly developed project management and implementation skills and quality in the goods and services.


Our objective is to participate in the development of Lebanon & GCC countries and to collaborate in building a newer country for the new generations to come.


We offer you extreme high quality plumbing design and drafting services. We are one of the most renowned companies in this sector and have been dominating the market for more than a decade now. We prepare simple documents which help you decipher our solutions better. However, we make sure that there has been no loss of information while making documents simpler.


 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system’s objective is to provide and insure the required air temperature and quality inside a building, regardless of the outdoor weather conditions.


Ventilation system’s objective is to provide and insure the required air quality and air changes for a buildings.


Plumbing and Drainage systems’ objective is to provide and insure the required water supply quantity and quality and to drain the Storm water.


Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater. Taking into consideration a safer and better environment.


Firefighting, as the name clearly state, is the action of dealing with and suppressing the unwanted fire hazard.


A substation is a part of the whole electrical generation system wherein the voltage is transformed from high to low and distributed among many outgoings.

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"The Quality of leadership , more than any other single factor, determines the success or failure of an organization."


Our well trained and highly skilled team of engineers , technicians and administrators use state of the art techniques to make sure that we deliver costly effective projects in a timely and professional manner


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